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Year 2020

Date: 28 July 2020 | Time: 13:00-14:30 SAST
Place: Virtual, Zoom

The United Nations General Assembly of 28 July 2010 adopted the declaration of the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation, further calling for knowledge, technological and financial partnerships and joint effort in realising this human rights especially in developing countries. Five years later (2015), the UN resolution was revised separating the two yet equally important rights (Water and Sanitation) and calling on the Member States to ensure that these rights are integrated into the national law, policy and development plans. In the same year, the African Ministers responsible for sanitation and hygiene signed a declaration to achieve universal access to adequate and sustainable sanitation and hygiene services and eliminate open defecation in the African continent by 2030 ( Ngor Declaration). And South Africa has enshrined human right to water and sanitation approach in its constitution more than a decade in advance of the UN declaration.

Title : African Utility: WASH as First Line of Defense Against COVID-19
Date : 15 May 2020
Time : 15:00

Title : IWA Wash in Vulnerable Communities
Date : 12 May 2020
Time : 14:00
Venue : Zoom register

Title : Dialogue on the Role of Innovation and Intellectual Property in the Fight Against COVID-19
Date : 6 May 2020
Time : 11:00
Venue : Zoom

Year 2019

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